Friday, May 29, 2015

African Prints

Happy Friday!
A while back a friend of mine was noticing a trend in African Print maxi skirts (that were priced over $100.00). When discussing it in the break room I, in true sewist fashion, said "Girl, I could MAKE one of those for you!"
I spotted this really cool print at Joann Fabrics during an awesome sale!
smiley face =)
I liked it so much I decided I'd get TONS of it and make myself a maxi skirt as well.  So...Here's my friend's maxi skirt.

Nice, huh?
Well... she liked it anyway. After making her skirt I kinda decided that, although I want to be, I'm not really a skirt person (my waistline wont allow it). So I decided to make myself a dress instead. This one jumped out at me.Simplicity 1803
So... here's my version of it.
I neglected to mention that while I was shopping for African prints I picked up two more. So I decided to give Butterick 4443 another go. This time the strapless version. 

I LOVE them both!! I'm not really one to rock a strapless to often but maybe I'll make  cute blazer to wear with it.
Anyway that sums up my adventures in African prints (so far). Til next time...
Happy Sewing!


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  1. The fabric looks so good in those dresses and skirt. Very pretty!