Friday, May 29, 2015

African Prints

Happy Friday!
A while back a friend of mine was noticing a trend in African Print maxi skirts (that were priced over $100.00). When discussing it in the break room I, in true sewist fashion, said "Girl, I could MAKE one of those for you!"
I spotted this really cool print at Joann Fabrics during an awesome sale!
smiley face =)
I liked it so much I decided I'd get TONS of it and make myself a maxi skirt as well.  So...Here's my friend's maxi skirt.

Nice, huh?
Well... she liked it anyway. After making her skirt I kinda decided that, although I want to be, I'm not really a skirt person (my waistline wont allow it). So I decided to make myself a dress instead. This one jumped out at me.Simplicity 1803
So... here's my version of it.
I neglected to mention that while I was shopping for African prints I picked up two more. So I decided to give Butterick 4443 another go. This time the strapless version. 

I LOVE them both!! I'm not really one to rock a strapless to often but maybe I'll make  cute blazer to wear with it.
Anyway that sums up my adventures in African prints (so far). Til next time...
Happy Sewing!


Monday, March 23, 2015

My First Formal - Simplicity 2053

Hello Fellow Sewists!
Today was a great day! I still, after all these years, consider myself a novice sewist. Ive always been terrified of formal wear. As if it took an entirely different skill set to make a dress that's floorlength. Really? Until today I didn't realize how ridiculous that fear was. In fact, today I took on Simplicity 2053. I saw this gorgeous inspiration dress but I have no idea where I saw it so I cant tag the source. Sorry.
I put out a plea on Facebook for anyone who knew of a pattern like this. Thankfully I got a lot of replies. Meanwhile, I did my own search and came across Simplicity 2053.

I decided that View A of this pattern was as close as I would get. I sat down at my machine and within a couple of hours I was done (minus the zipper - I saved that for the next day).
Another fear conquered! I'm pleased with it. On to my next conquest :-)