Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coffee Date Dress - Part 3

Well, they say you learn more from your failures than from your successes!

With that being said, I had to completely redo the bodice of this dress. I realized that I should have put the ruffle on BEFORE adding the facing. Rather than take it apart (I had lots of fabric) I just made the entire bodice all over again. This also gave me the opportunity to make it longer. Here we go...
Now I feel much better about the dress.
I discovered an amazing thing. This dress was done as a sew-along HERE

And Voila! Here is my very first adult size dress! I still have to install the zipper and hem but I can truly say I'm excited!! I love this dress and think I'll make more!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Coffee Date Dress - Part 2

It's been a LONG day! I got home late with the boys and didn't have much time to sew. I was determined to get SOMETHING done today, however.

I managed to get my pieces cut out. This is how I cut my bodice pieces...

But after watching this video -I think I cut mine wrong :-(

Anyway, I sewed in the darts in the fron and back bodice and attached the facing. Yes, I attached facing for the first time ever! Here's what I had...

Whoops! I skipped a step. I was supposed to sew the front and back bodices together BEFORE I sewed in the facing. Next time I'll know better..

So after along day here's what I ended up with...the top of a dress :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dress Making 101 - Coffee Date Dress Part 1

Well... I've always been a "crafty" seamstress. I like to try out all types of crafts without going too far out on a limb. I have decided that I'm gonna branch out and actually try making something I can wear. I found this cute dress, The Coffee Date Dress (cute name), as a free download.

You can find the pattern and instructions here.

Just a warning - the pattern prints out as a FULL SIZED pattern. which means no need for enlargements. Because of this, there are LOTS of pages and they have to be pieced together and taped before you can cut out your pattern. I'd say the whole process of piecing and taping took me about 30 minutes.

This is as far as I got on day 1 - piecing the pattern.

Stay with me (and pray with me) as I try to make MY VERY FIRST ADULT SIZE DRESS!