Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crochet Handbags!

Hello All,
I decided to give this blogging thing another try :-).
As you can probably tell, I love "ALL THINGS CRAFT"! Which is why my posts range from paper crafts to embroidery, to sewing, to my latest thing...crochet! I have been busily watching tutorials pn how to make these adorable crochet handbags. I absolutele love them but more than that I LOVE how quick they are to make. INSTANT GRATIFICATION AT ITS BEST!
Both of these bags were from One Virtuous Woman on YouTube. Check out her website  HERE
The first is called a granny bottom bag and it's super easy! This one take quite a bit of yarn, however.

 The second one (and my personal favorite) is called the swag bag and it is also super easy. It only requires one skein of yarn (Red Heart Super Saver) and it works up really quickly!

I loved making these and I KNOW I'll be making more! Check out the link above if you wanna give it a try.
Happy Krafting!

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