Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recycled Jeans!

Hello Again!
Have you ever wondered if there was ANY way to recycle your old jeans. If you're anything like me you HATE to hrow things away. I'm always asking myself "What can I make with that?" Well...y mom was throwing out some of my niece's old clothes and I noticed this old pair of jeans.
That started me thinking...A PURSE!
I dug a little deeper into the "trash" bag and found a red, striped button down shirt. I decided to use it to line the bag.
Here's the finished product.
If you want to try this project HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED:
(1) an old pair of jeans
(2) any old shirt, skirt, etc. for lining
(3) scissors
(4) pins
(5) sewing machine
(1) Cut jeans just across the crotch (save the legs)
(2) turn the jeans inside out and pin across the bottom
(3) Sew the botom closed on your sewing machine
(4) make a "pocket" to go inside your bag with the lining fabric
(5) place the lining inside the jeans and machine sew or hand sew the lining in
(6) use the legs to make a strap and attach
(7) cut a piece of the lining fabric to make a sash to go through the belt loops

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  1. oh my goodness you purse is so cute!!! I love all your projects and cards. You are so talented! I have awarded you the Liebster Award!
    You can grab it at my blog!