Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recycled Jeans - 3

Well... I decided that since I was on this denim kick I'd try something new.
I've been wanting a denim skirt and All the ones I've seen have been too short or too expensive. I want a knee length skirt just for errand days. I saw a video by NaturalLady1 and it looked sooo easy that I decided to give it a try. I took a picture of each step but you should see the video for clarity.
First, I started with a pair of jeans that were way too long and I cut about 13 inches from each leg.
Then I took out my trusty scissors and began to rip (my seam ripper is M.I.A.).
Halfway there...
Almost, but not quite...
I had to rip all the seams out joining the legs in the center, then up the front to where the zipper ends, then...up the back all rge way to the seam that is shaped somewhat like a V.
Then I pinned the back straight down and sewed in a seam from top to bottom.
After sewing the back I took one of the leg pieces I cut earlier and placed it under the V created by my earlier ripping. I pinned this into place and sewed it in using the same type of double seam that is in the rest of the "skirt".
This is what the seams looked like.
And here is the finished skirt!!


  1. Wow this is really cool. I wish I could do this. Great job!

  2. Gosh, this is adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing the photo tutorial!
    Best, LS

  3. OH WOW> You did an awesome job. Such a great talent to have!!!!!!!