Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Me!

Hello All !! Well...I've been spending quite a bit of time the last few days looking at youtube videos on digi stamps. I see lots of really cute cards made using digi stamps and Copic markers. Well, since I'm a beginner and have NO idea how to use Copics I dont want to make such a huge investment just yet. Instead I saw a few videos using Prisma Colored pencils and a blending stump. The videos I saw had great results. This, my first attempt, kinda looks like my five year old colored it. I'm not a happy camper. This, by the way, is not a digi stamp. It is a Clings stamp that I had in my stash. I'll keep practicing and if ANYONE has any suggestions...PLEASE HELP!


  1. Hi Kell, I currently don't own any Icopic markers but I would love to own at least one, but they are so expensive :0( but here is something that you probably did not know. I'm a supervisor for Close to my heart and we do carry Exclusive marker and inks that match. Also we carry a blending pen that picks up ink just like the ICopic. Please email me if you have any questions... or you can visit my ctmh online shop

    Talk to you soon...

  2. hi kell!
    its grace from sugar cards
    I was looking around your blog and found that you needed help with your colouring pencils...
    and I wanted to HELP you out by sending you over to one of my most favourite blogs I follow.
    its emily at beans scraps and sheep! she's an amazing artist and she taught me how to colour and blend with pencil crayons =)
    here's the link:

    I hope her tutorial video helps =)